Sports gear is no longer a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, today we are brand conscious and style conscious even in our training gear. We at Pulse Promotions have the ability to provide you with the most stylish and fashionable branded sports gear. Whether you require a netball kit for your grade 10 school team or your National team we will design your appareal to suit your requirements. Sponsor a local rugby team, and brand their k

Your Occupational Health and Safety needs are no longer an issue; we are able to provide all the necessary PPE clothing,helmets, goggles, garments and equipment necessary to protect your staff from biohazards or airborne matter. Our ergonomic designs help to minimise barriers and help to ensure safe and healthy working conditions through our PPE clothing and equipment. Contact us today t

Outdoor advertising is often the most effective way of promoting your products in specific areas. Billboards and taxi’s can be very effective but often they are target markets which you are not intended market, more often than not your outdoor sign is the first thing your next potentional customer is going to see. Ensure that your outdoor sign is areas appopriate and designed for your intended outcome. We at Pulse Promotions are available to lead you to your best decis