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Silk Screening Printing

One colour is printed at a time, so

several screens can be used to produce a

multicoloured image or design.

Heat Transfer Printing

The technique of printing fabrics by transferring

a printed design from paper to fabric via heat

and pressure

Sublimation Printing

A method that transfers designs from rolls of paper to polyester or other thermo-plastic fibers. Designs are pre-printed with disperse dyes on paper, and under high temperature are transferred onto fabric when both are passedthrough a heat transfer printing machine.

Disperse dyes are the only ones that can sublimate and therefore are the only ones that can be used.

Digital Printing

A ink jet based method of printing colorants, onto fabric. Most notably, digital textile printing is referred to when identifying either printing smaller designs onto garments (t-shirts, dresses,promotional wear; abbreviated as DTG, which stands for Direct to Garment) and printing larger designs onto large format rolls of textile.The latter is a growing trend in visual communication,where advertisement and corporate branding is printed onto polyester media.

Examples are: flags, banners, signs & retail graphics.


An embroidery machine is used to create

patterns or logos on garments, caps or

any other textile products.

Pad Printing

A printing process that can transfer a 2-D

image onto a 3-D object, such as golf balls,

pens, bottles, etc.

Dome Printing

A process where silkscreen or digital

printed labels are covered with a thick,

dome-shaped clear polyurethane






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